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Why Nz Aglime?

At NZ Aglime, we are 100% New Zealand owned and operated, plus all of our products are produced from all-natural, locally mined limestone ensuring high quality, cost effective lime products that we can be proud of. 

We don't use unnecessary additives or chemicals and offer both AssureQuality certified organic and non-organic options. 

Why lime?

Lime is a natural and environmentally sustainable supplement that when applied, provides many benefits including:

- Neutralising soil acidity

- Providing key nutrients to promote growth

- Increasing nutrient availability

Healthy soil means healthy growth and healthy stock so get in touch with us today to find out more. 



Lime Blends


Our lime blends are specifically tailored to you. 

We offer a wide range of blends including: Rock phosphate fertilizer, manganese, gypsum, sodium molly, copper, kieserite, humates, organibor, zinc (oxide, powder, &/or prill), cobolt, selenium red, sulphur prills/elemental sulfur, salt, phosphate, protamin N13, calcium mag and more. 



Our lime is in high in calcium carbonate making it ideal for applying to soil to increase nutrient availability. We crush our lime fine so it quickly absorbs into the soil and you see results faster. 

Plant leaves close up_edited.jpg


Track Lime

Our track lime contains clay making it ideal for use on farm and forrestry tracks, roads and driveways. 



Our Limestone rocks range in size of from football size to giant boulders. These can be used in a range of different applications from filling holes and road stabilisation to landscaping. 

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